Hvide Sande Masterclass 2017!

Anne-Marie Hjelm has just announced that she want to retire as a director at Hvide Sande Masterclass.

Consequently the committee of Hvide Sande Masterclass has decided not to arrange a master class in 2017.

Anne-Marie Hjelm says:
“I am very thankful to everybody I have met in this amazing experience at Hvide Sande Masterclass! Thank you from the deep of my heart to more than 300 young talented musicians from all over the world, and to the most inspiring professors and accompanists! Thank you very much for the support from all the sponsors, volunteers, Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune and the members of the Committee of Hvide Sande Masterclass.

Thank you very much for believing in and supporting Hvide Sande Masterclass for 10 years!”